One/Size Site Redesign

I redesigned ONE/SIZE Beauty's homepage and about us page by doing a site analysis and finding ways to improve the website. I created prototypes and worked with the ECommerce team, the founder, and the president to create the redesign.

Above shows a before and after of the homepage. I changed the site by improving user navigation, changing fonts/branding, elevating the site's visuals, and adding more videos to make the site engaging.

Here's a recording of myself navigating the older homepage and newer homepage for desktop.

Here's a recording of the mobile experience where you can see users shop TikTok style since the ONE/SIZE Brand has a large social following.

Here's a before and after of the ONE/SIZE About Page. I edited the visuals and copy to explain the brand's message clearly by shortening the summary paragraph and adding 3 pillars I created for the brand.

A recording of the desktop experience of the old and new About page.