IPSY Beauty Quiz

I worked closely with IPSY's Merchandising team and Acquisition team to redesign the quiz. The Merchandising team needed to add more questions in the quiz, and the acquisition team needed to maintain or improve the number of users who subscribe after taking the quiz. My goal was to make the quiz experience feel fun and engaging, and short as possible even though we added a lot more questions. 

A small snippet of a very long flowchart. I started with a flow chart to easily see all questions. I've added logic so only certain questions would show up depending on previous answers to make the quiz as short as possible.

We interviewed 10 of our users, and 4 users had a hard time identifying with flat colors as their skin tone. The merchandise team also needed to add more shades to match foundation and concealer products better with our users. I've updated the quiz by adding more skin tones, and coordinating with the creative team to produce photos for this question.

To make the quiz completion easier, I made the next question automatically load for the user after a user selects an answer.

I interviewed 10 users, and 3 users did not know what oil cleanser or a face oil was. This made it difficult for them to decide if they wanted that type of product or not. To improve the user experience, I've added modules to educate users and also to encourage them to complete the quiz.

To make the quiz engaging, I've updated the template for questions that have “often,” “sometimes,” and "rarely" with Tinder's addicting UX.