Review flow in

Redesigned the product review flow to be easier and faster for our users. The redesign led to a 13% increase in completed reviews.

01 | Problem
A design for reviews was already made in 2013 with the goal to survey users to report back to brands. As ipsy grew, we shifted our focus to personalization and ease of use. How do we encourage users to give us information to further personalize their future Glam Bags?

02 | Iteration
We went through a few iterations to determine the most optimal way to make the flow easy to understand and quick to complete.

03 | Design
My co-designer, Sophie Su, and I ran 4 usability studies with a very similar design to confirm ease of use. After making minor tweaks we launched the new design. emojis.

We reached a new highest number of reviews, and it is about 5x more than the highest number of reviews we had in the past. Before, about 63% of users completed there reviews and it has increased to 76%. Before the average user rated 4 products, and it has increased to 5 after the feature launched.